Julia Sullivan Miller

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A certain percentage of patients complain of "glare" at night after undergoing a refractive surgical procedure. When patients speak of glare they are, technically, describing a decrease in quality of vision secondary to glare disability, decreased contrast sensitivity, and image degradations, or more succinctly, "night vision disturbances." The definitions,(More)
In four medical centers, 40 patients with keratinizing dermatoses were treated with topical tretinoin (vitamin A acid) 0.1% cream and salicylic acid 2% cream in a short-term, double-blind study. Tretinoin was the more effective treatment for several of the keratinizing dermatoses with the exception of palmar-plantar hyperkeratosis, for which it was not(More)
OBJECTIVE To radiographically assess, using a pilot study, the relationship between the neutral cervical curve and cervical segmental ranges of motion (ROM) for flexion and extension in asymptomatic subjects. DESIGN Survey. SETTING Chiropractic college student health center and private practice. PATIENTS Sixteen asymptomatic adult students with no(More)
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