Julia Sherman

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Cognitive performance of 32 siblings and children of patients with probable Alzheimer disease was assessed longitudinally over an interval averaging 4 years. Mean scores were within normal limits for age on all measures at both test times. However, relatives of patients with early-onset dementia (less than or equal to 67 years) were more likely to show a(More)
Neuropsychologists are developing more challenging and specific tests to detect early and subtle changes in cognition related to preclinical Alzheimer's disease (AD). The 16-item Face-Name Associative Memory Exam (FNAME-16) is a challenging paired associative memory test able to detect subtle memory changes associated with biomarker evidence of preclinical(More)
BACKGROUND Technological advances now make it feasible to administer cognitive assessments at-home on mobile and touch-screen devices such as an iPad or tablet computer. Validation of these techniques is necessary to assess their utility in clinical trials. OBJECTIVES We used a Computerized Cognitive Composite for Preclinical Alzheimer's Disease (C3-PAD)(More)
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