Julia S Lord

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Orexin-A (ORXA) is an orexigenic neuropeptide produced by the lateral hypothalamus that increases food intake when injected into the brain ventricles or forebrain nuclei. We used a licking microstructure analysis to evaluate hindbrain and forebrain ORXA effects in intact and hindbrain-lesioned rats, to identify the motivational and anatomical bases of ORXA(More)
Injections of the melanocortin 3/4 receptor (MCR) agonist melanotan II (MTII) to a variety of brain structures produces anorexia, suggesting distributed brain MCR control of food intake. We performed a detailed analysis of feeding behavior (licking microstructure analysis) after a range of MTII doses (0.005 nM to 1 nM) was targeted to the forebrain (third(More)
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