Julia S-H Wang

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OBJECTIVES This is a prospective study of psychiatric patients presenting to the emergency department (ED) to determine the value of routine laboratory studies used to attempt to exclude concomitant medical illness. METHODS Physical exams and laboratory tests were performed on 375 psychiatric patients presenting for "medical clearance" in the ED. Upon(More)
Previous research suggests that trauma may contribute to psychosis onset. In this study, we examine the effect of parental loss of a child on the onset of psychotic experience using data from the National Comorbidity Survey Replication, hypothesizing that child loss will precede the onset of psychosis and will be associated with a later age of onset. We(More)
Introduction Much has been written about social identity in secondary schools and about how students use linguistic variation to mark their association with different social groupsDenton 2008). There has been relatively little research, though, on the role of discourse in constructing the relevant social categories and associating students with them(More)
, the magazine of the maths and stats society. As usual, in this issue we have amusing stories, deep quotes, and maths jokes that are worse than ever. problems too easy, we have a list of unsolved, yet easy to understand, problems for you to try (in fact we included one such problem in the last edition, and to everyone's disappointment, no one was able to(More)
Objective: To determine whether it is the direction of the needle bevel, J-tip guidewire, or both that influences the direction of the guidewire in subclavian central line placement. Methods: A total of 1,200 trials were performed using a plastic tubular model simulating the subclavian, IJV, and SCV junction. The trials were divided into six groups: needle(More)
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