Julia Romanowska

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BACKGROUND There are very few evaluations of the effectiveness of leadership development programs. The purpose of the study was to examine whether an art-based leadership program may have a more beneficial effect than a conventional one on leaders' and their corresponding subordinates' mental and biological stress. METHODS Participating leaders were(More)
The simulation of diffusional association (SDA) Brownian dynamics software package has been widely used in the study of biomacromolecular association. Initially developed to calculate bimolecular protein-protein association rate constants, it has since been extended to study electron transfer rates, to predict the structures of biomacromolecular complexes,(More)
Detecting significant conformational changes occurring in biomolecules is a challenging task, especially when considering tens to hundreds of thousands of conformations. Conformational variability can be described by dividing a biomolecule into dynamic domains, i.e., by finding compact fragments that move as coherent units. Typical approaches, based on(More)
Paromomycin is an aminoglycosidic antibiotic that targets the RNA of the bacterial small ribosomal subunit. It binds in the A-site, which is one of the three tRNA binding sites, and affects translational fidelity by stabilizing two adenines (A1492 and A1493) in the flipped-out state. Experiments have shown that various mutations in the A-site result in(More)
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