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While past research has suggested an association between the ability to taste PROP and liking for the taste of sucrose, many aspects of this relationship remain ambiguous. To clarify this further, 60 volunteers (40 women and 20 men) were classified as PROP super-medium or non-tasters and as sweet likers or dislikers depending on hedonic and intensity(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate a multidisciplinary cognitive behavioural therapy pain management programme (PMP) based at a small community hospital. METHODS Patients attending the PMP were assessed at three intervals (pre-training, and 18 and 44 weeks post-training) using a set of seven questionnaires. Information about their general practitioner (GP) and(More)
OBJECTIVES Working alliance (WA) has been shown to be an important process influencing the success of therapy. The association of clients' underlying attachment representations with WA and the subsequent success of therapy has increasingly been recognized. This study explores the association between adult attachment representations, specific attachment to(More)
OBJECTIVES This review systematically examines research that investigates changes in adult attachment representations during psychological therapy. METHOD Studies from two adult attachment approaches are reviewed (interview and self-report) with the aim of concluding whether psychotherapy can improve attachment representations. To guide the interpretation(More)
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