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[reaction: see text] A novel and simple procedure for reduction of hydroxylamines to the corresponding amines by means of indium powder in aqueous media is reported. Applicability to one-pot reactions and isoxazolidine N-O bond reduction is also demonstrated. A catalytic version of the process using 2-5% In in the presence of other metals (Zn, Al) has been(More)
2-Chloro-2-cyclopropylideneacetates (1-Me and 1-Et) and their spiropentane analogues 2 cycloadd enantiopure five-membered cyclic nitrones to give the corresponding adducts (quantitatively, four examples), which undergo cascade ring enlargements to yield indolizinone derivatives (53-70%, four examples). The ring enlargement process is triggered by the(More)
The synthesis, structure, theoretical and experimental in vitro antioxidant properties using the DPPH, ORAC, and benzoic acid, as well as preliminary in vitro pharmacological activities of (Z)-α-aryl and heteroaryl N-alkyl-nitrones 6-15, 18, 19, 21, and 23, is reported. In the in vitro antioxidant activity, for the DPPH radical test, only nitrones bearing(More)
[reaction: see text] The two-step metal-catalyzed overall transformation of isoxazolidine-5-spirocyclopropanes into the corresponding dihydro- and tetrahydropyridones is described. The first step is the chemoselective reduction of the N-O bond of the isoxazolidine ring preserving the fragile cyclopropanol moiety while the second transformation is the Pd(II)(More)
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