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OBJECTIVES To examine awareness, treatment, and control of diabetes mellitus among the adult population in Bangladesh. METHODS The study used data from the 2011 nationally representative Bangladesh Demographic and Health Survey (BDHS). The BDHS sample is comprised of 7,786 adults aged 35 years or older. The primary outcome variables were fasting blood(More)
A sensor network is a system that consists of thousands of very small stations called sensor nodes. The communication among nodes is done in a wireless fashion, and thus, the name of wireless sensor networks. Wireless sensor networks (WSN) have generated tremendous interest among researchers in recent years because of their potential usage in wide variety(More)
In recent years, a large number of proteins of different organisms have been discovered but due to high experimental cost and uncertain time boundary, yet it is not possible to find out all of the functionalities of those proteins. With the recent advent of huge protein-protein interactions, it becomes an opportunity to computationally predict a protein’s(More)
For the importance of protein subcellular localization in different branch of life science and drug discovery, researchers have focused their attentions on protein subcellular localization prediction. Effective representation of features from protein sequences plays most vital role in protein subcellular localization prediction specially in case of machine(More)
Prediction of protein subcellular localization is the most challenging field for the researchers because of its importance in different branch of molecular biology and drug discovery. Last two decades, a large number of machine learning approaches have been tested into sequence based features for the prediction of subcellular localization. Single features(More)
In this paper we have attempted to demonstrate the relationship between birth spacing and child survival in Bangladesh using data from the 2004 Bangladesh Demographic Health Survey (BDHS). We used standard life table techniques to estimate the probability of child survival and appropriate spacing of births. Logistic regression models were used to(More)
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