Julia R Hayter

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The whole animal, and the pectoralis muscle in particular, grows at a greatly enhanced rate in chickens selected for meat production (broilers) when compared to those selected for egg production (layers). As part of an ongoing study to analyse muscle protein dynamics under conditions of rapid growth, we have embarked upon a preliminary characterisation of(More)
We have succeeded in purifying the 20S core proteasome particle from less than 1 g of skeletal muscle in a rapid process involving two chromatographic steps. The individual subunits were readily resolved by two-dimensional PAGE, and the identities of each of the 14 subunits were assigned by a combination of peptide mass fingerprinting and MS/MS/de novo(More)
Analysis of intact protein mixtures by electrospray ionization mass spectrometry requires the resolution of a complex, overlapping set of multiply charged envelopes. To ascertain the ability of a moderate resolution mass spectrometer to resolve such mixtures, we have analyzed the soluble proteins of adult chick skeletal muscle. This is a highly specialized(More)
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