Julia O. Bader

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BACKGROUND This investigation sought to identify risk factors for immediate postoperative morbidity and mortality among a large series of patients undergoing spine surgery who were prospectively(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of this investigation was to determine the incidence rates of, and identify risk factors for, thirty-day postoperative mortality and complications among more than 15,000(More)
BACKGROUND CONTEXT The impact of patient factors and medical comorbidities on the risk of mortality and complications after spinal arthrodesis has not been well described. Prior works have been(More)
Retrospective review of prospectively collected data. To describe the impact of patient demographics, injury-specific factors, and medical co-morbidities on outcomes after hip fracture using the(More)
Mojave toxin (MT) was detected in five of 25 Crotalus helleri (Southern Pacific rattlesnake) sampled using anti-MT antibodies and nucleotide sequence analysis. All of the venoms that were positive(More)
STUDY DESIGN Retrospective analysis of a prospective data set. OBJECTIVE Determine the incidence and epidemiology of combat-related spinal injuries for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. SUMMARY(More)