Julia Mueller

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The development and validation of a new measure of social acknowledgment as a victim or survivor is presented, whose items were derived from previous research on social recovery factors of post-traumatic stress disorder. The Social Acknowledgment Questionnaire (SAQ) was administered to nontreatment seeking traumatized persons--178 former political prisoners(More)
PURPOSE About 50% of prostate cancers have TMPRSS2-ERG fusions with concurrent ERG overexpression. The aim of this study was to determine whether clinical differences exist between ERG-positive and ERG-negative cancers in surgically treated patients not exposed to antihormonal therapy. A secondary aim was to search for differences between these tumor(More)
For a comprehensive description of the tissue-specific thyroidal state under normal as well as under pathophysiological conditions it is of utmost importance to include thyroid hormone (TH) transporters in the analysis as well. The current knowledge of the cell-specific repertoire of TH transporters, however, is still rather limited, although several TH(More)
OBJECTIVE Many traumatized refugees experience both posttraumatic stress disorder and chronic pain. Based on Mutual Maintenance Theory and the Perpetual Avoidance Model, this study examined the additional effect of physical activity within a biofeedback-based cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT-BF) for traumatized refugees. DESIGN In a controlled design, 36(More)
Hamster hypophyseal pars tuberalis (PT)-specific cells are characterized by the expression of common alpha-chain and TSH beta. Immunoreactivity for these subunits and the morphology of these cells are known to exhibit remarkable seasonal changes. The high density of melatonin (Mel) receptors on PT-specific cells leads to the supposition that fluctuations in(More)
UNLABELLED We assessed a sample of unselected adult asylum seekers to determine their current mental health status and patterns of healthcare utilisation. METHOD We included 78 unselected adult asylum seekers after their first year of residence in the Zurich area of Switzerland. The Swiss Federal Office for Migration provided their names and addresses.(More)
BACKGROUND Asylum procedures are known to be protracted, stretching to over ten years in many host countries. International research shows high levels of distress for asylum seekers. Little is known about actual psychiatric morbidity in this population, especially during the first few years postmigration. METHODS The mental health status of two groups of(More)
Virtual worlds, as electronic environments where individuals can interact in a realistic manner in form of avatars, are increasingly used by gamers, consumers and employees. Therefore, they provide opportunities for reinventing business processes. Especially, effective knowledge management (KM) requires the use of appropriate information and communication(More)
OBJECTIVE To address posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) predictors with research focused on the coping styles of traumatized individuals. METHOD A total of 86 crime victims (mean age 46.1, standard deviation 17.6) were assessed at 5 and 11 months post-crime. Disclosure of trauma, social acknowledgement, dysfunctional posttraumatic cognitions, and PTSD(More)