Julia Morris

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A pilot scheme was introduced in Manchester to provide additional social support to pregnant women at above average risk of giving birth to a low-birthweight baby. The help of lay workers, known as family workers, was made available to eligible women. The effect on infant birthweight of offering the help of a family worker was assessed by a randomized(More)
BACKGROUND Clinicians' estimates of patients' pain are frequently used as a basis for delivering care, and the characteristics of the clinician and of the patient influence this estimate. METHODS We studied pain estimation by midwives attending women in uncomplicated labour. Sixty-six practising midwives of varied age, ethnicity and professional(More)
OBJECTIVE We have previously shown that objective structured assessment of technical skills performed in an animal model was an innovative, reliable, and valid method of assessing surgical skills. Our goal was to develop a less costly bench station objective structured assessment of technical skills and to evaluate the feasibility, reliability, and validity(More)
For peer assessments to be helpful, student reviewers need to submit reviews of good quality. This requires certain training or guidance from teaching staff, lest reviewers read each other’s work uncritically, and assign good scores but offer few suggestions. One approach to improving the review quality is calibration. Calibration refers to comparing(More)
The context for this study is a multi-disciplinary collaboration of six faculty members using peer review in their respective disciplines with the goal of improved student writing. Faculty members developed their own assignments and methods for implementing peer review, but each followed the same guidelines. Students submitted drafts to peers who made(More)
BACKGROUND Determinants of who is and who is not sick-listed following an initial consultation for LBP have received little attention. Both patient and practitioner factors are suggested to be predictive but the interaction has not been investigated. AIMS To investigate patient and GP factors which determine sickness certification for low back pain. (More)
Trypomastigotes of Trypanosoma dionisii, a stercorarian trypanosome from bats, are effectively killed by neutrophils from human peripheral blood but are less sensitive to the cytotoxic action of human monocytes. The mechanism of killing appears to involve peroxidase and hydrogen peroxide. Trypomastigotes are as effective as epimastigotes in inducing the(More)
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