Julia Mergenthaler

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BACKGROUND   A deficit in empathy is discussed to underlie difficulties in social interaction of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and conduct disorder (CD). To date, no study has compared children with ASD and different subtypes of CD to describe disorder-specific empathy profiles in clinical samples. Furthermore, little is known about age(More)
Fluorescence tagging of proteins is a widely used tool to study protein function and dynamics in live cells. However, the extent to which different mammalian transgene methods faithfully report on the properties of endogenous proteins has not been studied comparatively. Here we use quantitative live-cell imaging and single-molecule spectroscopy to analyze(More)
The molecular genetic background of inherited cardiac arrhythmias has only recently been uncovered. This late development in comparison to other inherited cardiac disorders has partly been due to the high mortality and early disease onset of these arrhythmias resulting in mostly small nucleus families. Thus, traditional genetic linkage studies, which are(More)
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