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Various studies have shown that reaction rates between reversibly binding electron transfer proteins depend strongly on solution ionic strength. These observations suggest that intermolecular electrostatic interactions are important in facilitating the formation of a productive reaction complex. A recently examined system involves the reduction of(More)
Cytochrome c and cytochrome b5 form an electrostatically associated electron transfer complex. Computer models of this and related complexes that were generated by docking the x-ray structures of the individual proteins have provided insight into the specificity and mechanism of electron transfer reactions. Previous static modeling studies were extended by(More)
Energy transfer in the "rapid diffusion" limit from electronically excited terbium(III) chelates in three different charge states to horse heart ferricytochrome c was measured as a function of ionic strength. Theoretical rate constants calculated by numerical integration of the Forster integral (containing the Poisson-Boltzmann-generated protein(More)
Krakowski, Aaron, "Biological motion processing in typical development and in the autism spectrum" (2014). CUNY Academic Works. Biological motion in ASD iii This manuscript has been read and accepted for the Graduate Faculty in Psychology in satisfaction of the dissertation requirement for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. Abstract Biological motion(More)
Molecular motors play an important role in driving some of the most complex and important tasks in biological systems, ranging from transcribing RNA from a DNA template (Polymerases) to muscle contraction (Myosin) and propelling bacteria (Flagellum). Key to the understanding of the fundamental principles and designs by which molecular motor function has(More)
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  • 2010
NOAA released its outlook for the 2010 Atlantic hurricane season on May 27th, advising coastal communities to prepare for the possibility of an active to extremely active year. The outlook indicates that there is an 85% probability that 2010 will be an above-average season due to a combination of environmental factors that favor tropical cyclone activity.(More)
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  • 2009
To my parents and Katja. " As light as a feather, and as hard as dragon-scales " Bilbo Baggins in " The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring ". Abstract Increasingly, everyday items are enhanced to pervasive devices by embedding computing power and their interconnection leads to Mark Weiser's famous vision of ubiquitous computing (ubicomp), which(More)
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