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Stage IV melanoma has high mortality, largely unaffected by traditional therapies. Immunotherapy including cytokine therapies and checkpoint inhibitors improves outcomes, but has significant toxicities. In this phase I/IIa trial, we investigated safety and efficacy of a dendritoma vaccine, an active, specific immunotherapy, in stage IV melanoma patients.(More)
134 Background: GP2 is a HER2 derived, HLA-A2+-restricted immunogenic peptide designed to stimulate CD8+T cells to recognize tumor cells with any level of HER2 expression (IHC 1-3+). Accrual to a prospective, randomized, multi-center, phase II trial of the GP2 vaccine for prevention of breast cancer recurrence has completed. Here, the planned primary(More)
BACKGROUND Folate binding protein(FBP) is an immunogenic protein over-expressed in endometrial(EC) and ovarian cancer(OC). We are conducting a phase I/IIa trial of E39 (GALE 301)+GM-CSF, an HLA-A2-restricted, FBP-derived peptide vaccine to prevent recurrences in disease-free EC and OC patients. This interim analysis summarizes toxicity, immunologic(More)
Background A variety of autologous tumor/dendritic-cell (DC) vaccines have been pursued. Our prior autologous tumor/ DC fusion (dendritoma) vaccine demonstrated clinical benefit in metastatic melanoma; however, dendritoma production is difficult and not scalable for commercialization. We developed an alternative, novel approach to efficiently deliver the(More)
Background FBP (aka Folate Receptor-a) is an immunogenic protein that is over-expressed in breast, endometrial (EC) and ovarian cancer (OC). FBP expression in malignant cells is 20-80 fold higher compared to the limited distribution in normal cells. We have completed enrollment of a Phase IIa clinical trial with E39, an HLA-A2 restricted, FBP peptide(More)
Background We are conducting a Phase II clinical trial of the HER2 peptide vaccine AE37+GM-CSF for prevention of breast cancer recurrence in disease-free, node-positive or highrisk node-negative patients, who have completed standard of care therapy. AE37, an Ii-Key hybrid of the HER2/neu derived peptide AE36 (aa:776-790), is an MHC Class II epitope capable(More)
The management of vascular trauma in pediatric patients presents numerous challenges, especially in an austere environment. We present the case of a 3-year-old girl who sustained multiple fragmentation injuries to the right chest and right upper extremity as a result of combat activity in Iraq. This resulted in an occult pseudoaneurysm of the innominate(More)
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