Julia L. Wright

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Pulmonary complications occur in an estimated 0.21% of patients with inflammatory bowel disease. The most common presentation of pulmonary manifestations is large airway disease, such as tracheobronchitis, chronic bronchitis or bronchiectasis. Small airway disease, such as constrictive bronchiolitis or bronchiolitis obliterans with organizing pneumonia, is(More)
1. By a suitable bactericidal technique, it can be demonstrated that the virulent S influenza bacillus is completely resistant to the bactericidal action of diluted normal unheated serum. In contrast, the R organism is easily killed when subjected to the action of diluted normal serum. Although this is not a true virulence test, it promises to be a useful(More)
A case of pulmonary lipid granulomata in association with abuse of hairspray was studied. Light microscopic and ultrastructural examination of the lung biopsy specimen demonstrated distorted alveolar architecture, with marked increase in interstitial collagen. Multiple macrophages, both interstitial and intraalveolar, contained abundant lysosomes and lipid(More)
1. An acute purulent meningitis due to the invasion of the meninges by Pfeiffer's influenza bacillus is not a very uncommon disease ininfants and young children. It has a very high mortality. 2. Complement is entirely absent in the cerebrospinal fluid of these cases, and bactericidal experiments suggest that the injection of a specific antiserum will have(More)
In the current experiment, we simulated a multitasking environment and evaluated the effects of an intelligent agent, RoboLeader, on the performance of human operators who had the responsibility of managing the plans/routes for three vehicles (their own manned ground vehicle, an aerial robotic vehicle, and a ground robotic vehicle) while maintaining proper(More)
Past research has shown that multi-modal sensory cues can reduce the workload of the user while simultaneously increasing performance capacity. This study looks to examine how performance is impacted in a multi-modal sensory cueing target detection task in which the cueing automation is imperfect. Twenty-seven undergraduate participants volunteered to take(More)