Julia L. Fox

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An essential step for therapeutic and research applications of stem cells is the ability to differentiate them into specific cell types. Endodermal cell derivatives, including lung, liver, and pancreas, are of interest for regenerative medicine, but efforts to produce these cells have been met with only modest success. In a screen of 4000 compounds, two(More)
Stepwise differentiation from embryonic stem cells (ESCs) to functional insulin-secreting beta cells will identify key steps in beta-cell development and may yet prove useful for transplantation therapy for diabetics. An essential step in this schema is the generation of pancreatic progenitors--cells that express Pdx1 and produce all the cell types of the(More)
Small-molecule inhibition of extracellular proteins that activate membrane receptors has proven to be extremely challenging. Diversity-oriented synthesis and small-molecule microarrays enabled the discovery of robotnikinin, a small molecule that binds the extracellular Sonic hedgehog (Shh) protein and blocks Shh signaling in cell lines, human primary(More)
Des modèles d'enzymes d'oxydoréduction ont été préparés par polymérisation des 20 aminoacyladénylates en présence de flavine mononucléotide, d'hème et de chlorophylle. L'addition du cofacteur flavinique au cours de la polymérisation modifie la composition en acides aminés du polymère obtenu. L'article offre une discussion sur les taux de réaction, les(More)
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