Julia L. Ernst

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Individuals seeking treatment for sexual problems frequently would like to turn to a source they consider knowledgeable and worthy of respect, their doctor. The objective was to assess how well the 125 schools of medicine in the United States and the 16 in Canada prepare physicians to diagnose and treat sexual problems. A prospective cohort study was(More)
Strategies that target and treat biofilms are widely applied to bacterial cultures using popular live/dead staining techniques with mostly red or green fluorescent markers (eg, with SYTO(®) 9, propidium iodide, fluorescein). Therefore, visualizing drugs or micro- and nanoparticulate delivery systems to analyze their distribution and effects in biofilms(More)
1. Blood-derived monocytes/macrophages within the intima of the arterial wall are the main source of inflammatory cytokines and factors contributing to lesion growth, plaque instability and thrombotic events. In the present study, we assessed the hypothesis that mRNA expression levels of candidate genes of atherosclerosis in circulating CD14(+) blood(More)
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