Julia Kristin

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Endoscope holders are utilized by a variety of surgeons but are not commonplace in head and neck surgery. The SOLOASSIST active camera holder, which is currently used for abdominal surgery, will soon be adapted for head and neck surgery in collaboration with AKTORmed GmbH SOLO SURGERY (Barbing, Germany). In our pre-feasibility study, we analyzed the use of(More)
IMPORTANCE Nonchordomatous clival lesions are rare and represent a wide range of different benign and malignant pathologies. For an accurate and specific final diagnosis, biopsy procedures and/or resections followed by histologic examination are mandatory. OBJECTIVE To illustrate the challenges in obtaining a final histologic diagnosis in patients with(More)
The aim of the study was to validate a minimally invasive, multi-port approach to the internal auditory canal at the lateral skull base on a cadaver specimen. Fiducials and a custom baseplate were fixed on a cadaver skull, and a computed tomography image was acquired. Three trajectories from the mastoid surface to the internal auditory canal were computed(More)
BACKGROUND A 'third hand' is useful for holding the endoscope during surgery. The SOLOASSIST camera holder (AktorMed GmbH, Germany), which is used for abdominal surgery, is supposed to be modified for head and neck surgery. The aim of this study was to determine the intraoperative hand-held endoscopic range of motion for different surgical procedures and to(More)
OBJECTIVE This study evaluates non-standardized subjective patient satisfaction- and clinical outcome variables following frontal sinus obliteration with abdominal fat in endoscopically inaccessible mucoceles. METHODS In a retrospective chart review, all patients who underwent frontal sinus obliteration for endoscopically inaccessible mucoceles at the(More)
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