Julia Krüger

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Little is known of how plant disease resistance (R) proteins recognize pathogens and activate plant defenses. Rcr3 is specifically required for the function of Cf-2, a Lycopersicon pimpinellifolium gene bred into cultivated tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) for resistance to Cladosporium fulvum. Rcr3 encodes a secreted papain-like cysteine endoprotease.(More)
Bioelectric phenomena have been found to exert influence on various developmental and regenerative processes. Little is known about their possible functions and the cellular mechanisms by which they might act during Drosophila oogenesis. In developing follicles, characteristic extracellular current patterns and membrane-potential changes in oocyte and nurse(More)
The role of actin, class I myosins and dynamin in endocytic uptake processes is well characterized, but their role during endo-phagosomal membrane trafficking and maturation is less clear. In Dictyostelium, knockout of myosin IB (myoB) leads to a defect in membrane protein recycling from endosomes back to the plasma membrane. Here, we show that actin plays(More)
   Multimodality mammography using conventional 2D mammography and dynamic contrast-enhanced 3D magnetic resonance imaging (DCE-MRI) is frequently performed for breast cancer detection and diagnosis. Combination of both imaging modalities requires superimposition of corresponding structures in mammograms and MR images. This task is challenging due to large(More)
Whether or not a Companion-system is experienced as a confidant and empathic assistant depends on users’ individual ascriptions to it. An ascription-based understanding of users’ experiences in user-companion interaction is proposed, which focuses primarily on ascriptions of human-like characteristics, intentions, motivations or emotions to the system. It(More)
We report about evaluations of the LAST MINUTE corpus which comprises multimodal recordings (audio, video, biopsychological data, verbatim transcripts, psychological questionnaires, in-depth user interviews) of Wizard of Oz simulated naturalistic human companion interactions in German. Based on the results of these analyses we discuss consequences for the(More)
We report on the investigation on acted and non-acted emotional speech and the resulting Non-/acted LAST MINUTE corpus (NaLMC) database. The database consists of newly recorded acted emotional speech samples which were designed to allow the direct comparison of acted and non-acted emotional speech. The non-acted samples are taken from the LAST MINUTE corpus(More)
[Cp*Sb]4 (Cp*=C5 Me5 ) reacts with [L1 Mg]2 and L2 Ga with formation of [(L1 Mg)4 (μ4 ,η1:2:2:2 -Sb4 )] (L1 =iPr2 NC[N(2,6-iPr2 C6 H3 )]2 , 1) and [(L2 Ga)2 (μ,η2:2 -Sb4 )] (L2 =HC[C(Me)N(2,6-iPr2 C6 H3 )]2 , 2). The cleavage of the Sb-Sb and Sb-C bonds in [Cp*Sb]4 are the crucial steps in both reactions. The formation of 1 occurred by elimination of the(More)