Julia Kloster

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BACKGROUND Integration of information between multiple cortical regions is thought to underpin the experience of pain. Yet studies tend to focus on pain related changes in discrete cortical regions. Although altered processing in the primary motor (M1) and sensory cortex (S1) is implicated in pain, the temporal relationship between these regions is unknown(More)
In pigs and other monogastric animal, the weaning phase is commonly accompanied by an increased susceptibility to gut disorders such as diarrhoea owing to the induction of an inflammatory process in the intestine during weaning. Given the unfavourable effects of intestinal inflammation on feed consumption, digestive capacity of the intestine and growth of(More)
The study aimed to investigate whether the extent of activities of daily living (ADL) of patients after myocardial infarction affect numbers of circulating CD34(+)/KDR(+) and CD45(+)/CD34(+) cells, which are supposed to protect structural and functional endothelial integrity. In a cross-sectional study, 34 male coronary artery disease patients with a(More)
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