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T he management of motor neurone disease (MND) has evolved rapidly over the last two decades. Although still incurable, MND is not untreatable. From an attitude of nihilism, treatments and interventions that prolong survival have been developed. These treatments do not, however, arrest progression or reverse weakness. They raise difficult practical and(More)
Geology is among the most visual of the sciences, with spatial reasoning taking place at various scales and in various contexts. Among the spatial skills required in introductory college geology courses are spatial rotation (rotating objects in one's mind), and visualization (transforming an object in one's mind). To assess the role of spatial ability in(More)
A Smartphone speech-therapy application (STA) is being developed, intended for people with Parkinson's disease (PD) with reduced implicit volume cues. The STA offers visual volume feedback, addressing diminished auditory cues. Users are typically older adults, less familiar with new technology. Domain-specific implicit theories (ITs) have been shown to(More)
No standardized guidelines exist for the biostatistical methods appropriate for studies evaluating diagnostic tests. Publication recommendations such as the STARD statement provide guidance for the analysis of data, but biostatistical advice is minimal and application is inconsistent. This article aims to provide a self-contained, accessible resource on the(More)
Our objective was to examine the pleasure derived from eating in patients with advanced ALS and how this affects advice to have a gastrostomy. Patients with advanced ALS completed a visual analogue scale indicating the pleasure they derived from eating. Data were also collected on the severity of swallow using the Hillel scale, the independent feeding(More)
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