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V-Measure: A Conditional Entropy-Based External Cluster Evaluation Measure
We present V-measure, an external entropybased cluster evaluation measure. Vmeasure provides an elegant solution to many problems that affect previously defined cluster evaluation measures includingExpand
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The Meaning of Intonational Contours in the Interpretation of Discourse
In this paper we examine the particular contribution of choice of tune, or int0ru 3h0ru3l cantour, to discourse interpretation. Expand
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TOBI: a standard for labeling English prosody
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Tonal alignment patterns in Spanish
We examine the F 0 peak alignment patterns of H* accents placed in three positions in the word (Initial , Medial , and Final) and in dif ferent prosodic contexts (end of intonational phrase, end of intermediate phrase, and phrase-medial position), systematically changing syllabic position in syllables to the next stressed syllable. Expand
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A theory of scalar implicature
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Pitch Accent in Context: Predicting Intonational Prominence from Text
We show that it is indeed possible to model human accent strategies with fair success (80–98% correct) for unrestricted text—with only the tools for automatic text analysis currently available. Expand
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Measuring Acoustic-Prosodic Entrainment with Respect to Multiple Levels and Dimensions
We investigate whether speakers coordinate with each other in these dimensions over the conversation as a whole as well as on a turn-by-turn basis and whether this coordination improves over the course of the conversation. Expand
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The original ToBI system and the evolution of the ToBI framework
The ToBI conventions are a consensus system for labelling spoken utterances that segregates tags for different types of phonological events and structures into parallel quasi- independent tiers. Expand
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Empirical Studies on the Disambiguation of Cue Phrases
This paper reports results of empirical studies on discourse and sentential uses of cue phrases, in which both text-based and prosodic features were examined for disambiguating power. Expand
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Overview for the First Shared Task on Language Identification in Code-Switched Data
We present an overview of the first shared task on language identification on codeswitched data. Expand
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