Julia Gottschalk

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Reverse transcription (RT)-PCR with shared primers differentiating respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) subgroups A and B was developed for subtyping of RSV isolates. Results of RT-PCR were compared with those of an indirect immunofluorescence test using monoclonal antibodies. Viral RNA isolated from cell cultures infected with RSV served as a template for(More)
T7 phage DNA is transported from the capsid into the host cytoplasm across the cell wall by an ejectosome comprised of the viral proteins gp14, gp15 and gp16. Prior to infection, these proteins form the so-called internal core in the mature virion. Gp16 was shown to associate with pure phospholipid bilayers while gp15 bound to DNA. A complex of both(More)
The use of agarose gel electrophoresis for rotavirus detection is a suitable routine method if simplifying modifications are introduced. Incorporation of ethidium bromide into the agarose gel permits its use for several times in the course of one week without further staining of the RNA segments. The electrophoresis chamber with a UV-light-transparent(More)
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