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Gas production from the Barnett Shale relies on hydraulic fracture stimulation. Natural opening-mode fractures reactivate during stimulation and enhance efficiency by widening the treatment zone. Knowledge of both the present-day maximum horizontal stress, which controls the direction of hydraulic fracture propagation, and the geometry of the natural(More)
llefccu so fthisrepm tisonthecomprative state ofrhe software engineering practice in the U.S. and Japan from a software process perspective that is, the report characterizes the softswue processes currently used by software managers and practitioners in the U.S. and Japan. The U.S. data for this comparative study of the state of software practice in the(More)
Recovery-oriented practice, an approach aligned towards the service user perspective, has dominated the mental health care arena. Numerous studies have explored service users' accounts of the purpose, meaning and importance of 'recovery'; however, far less is known about healthcare staff confidence in its application to care delivery. A self-efficacy(More)
BACKGROUND All new nurses in England from 2013 will be educated at the point of registration to the degree level. A study was undertaken into the first-year experience of one cohort on the new degree programme at one university. OBJECTIVES The aim of the study was to evaluate nursing students' experience during the first year of the degree programme in(More)