Julia F. Varnell-Sarjeant

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Software reuse has been the subject of empirical studies for decades. There have been studies of reuse methods, success factors, approaches and tools. An open question is still whether and how reuse differs between embedded and nonem-bedded systems, an important issue for the aerospace industry. This article describes the results from a survey taken at a(More)
Context: There is a debate in the aerospace industry whether lessons from reuse successes and failures in nonembedded software can be applied to embedded software. Reuse supposedly reduces development time and errors. The aerospace industry was an early advocate of reuse, but in Aerospace, not all reuse experiences have been as successful as expected. Some(More)
This paper discusses a different approach to managing risk in a man-rated software system. This approach emphasizes identifying and targeting the right risks in order to apply effective mitigation activities. It addresses the risk of not understanding the customer wishes, of unreliable software product, and selection of inappropriate reuse. When the right(More)
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