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Semantic Wikis have demonstrated the power of combining Wikis with Semantic Web technology. The KiWi system goes beyond Semantic Wikis by providing a flexible and adaptable platform for building different kinds of Social Semantic Software, powered by Semantic Web technology. This article describes the main functionalities and components of the KiWi system(More)
A concept to introduce external models in object oriented databases is presented, such that application programs do no longer interface directly the whole conceptual schema, but work against external schemas specii-cally designed for the applications requirements. There are virtually no restrictions for such applications, since the interaction with the(More)
Workflow time management allows the prediction of eventually arising deadline violations and enables proactive initiation of evasive actions. This saves time, avoids compensation tasks and therefore decreases costs. Current time management approaches assume that communication with external tasks, which are enacted by the process, is conducted in a blocking(More)
The continuous sliding-window query model is used widely in data stream management systems where the focus of a continuous query is limited to a set of the most recent tuples. In this paper, we show that an interesting and important class of queries over data streams cannot be answered using the sliding-window query model. Thus, we introduce a new model for(More)
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