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Semantic Wikis have demonstrated the power of combining Wikis with Semantic Web technology. The KiWi system goes beyond Semantic Wikis by providing a flexible and adaptable platform for building different kinds of Social Semantic Software, powered by Semantic Web technology. This article describes the main functionalities and components of the KiWi system(More)
In the context of the Austrian Genome Program, a tissue bank is being established (Genome Austria Tissue Bank, GATiB) which is based on a collection of diseased and corresponding normal tissues representing a great variety of diseases at their natural frequency of occurrence from a non-selected Central European population of more than 700,000 patients.(More)
Biobanks containing human biological samples and associated data are key resources for the advancement of medical research. Efficient access to samples and data increases competitiveness in medical research, reduces effort and time for achieving scientific results and promotes scientific progress. In order to address upcoming health challenges, there is(More)
note: With the exception of the last pages –which would be the back cover of the printed issue– that are not included in this file, it has the same contents as the printed edition. All the articles are also available individually online and have been put together here for convenience only.] SIGMOD Record SIGMOD Record is a quarterly publication of the(More)
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