Julia Czajkowski

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BACKGROUND It has long been assumed that allergic rhinitis leads to daytime sleepiness and a deterioration of nocturnal sleep, yet systematic studies have only been rarely conducted in this field. OBJECTIVE The aim of the present study was to investigate the effects of seasonal allergic rhinitis on subjective and objective sleep patterns, quality of life,(More)
To assess the role of maternal viraemia in vertical transmission of HIV and the extent to which viraemia occurs during the various stages of pregnancy, we have attempted to detect human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in 44 pregnant HIV-1 infected women during 47 pregnancies (30 continued, 17 aborted) and in 30 children and 12 fetuses. Infectious HIV was(More)
The finding that active cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection is associated with an increased mortality after organ transplantation and the introduction of successful antiviral treatment render more urgent the development of rapid and accurate diagnostic methods. Rapid immunodiagnosis of active CMV infection was investigated by means of immunofluorescence(More)
Four hepatitis C virus transmission chains at three dialysis units were disclosed by limited sequencing; three of these were disclosed by analysis of the NS5-B region of the genome. Dialysis on the same shift as that during which infected patients were dialyzed was the common factor for seven patients in two chains. Two nurses exposed to needle sticks and(More)
The antibody response in 20 homosexual men with symptomatic primary HIV infection was studied with ten different antibody assays (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays, indirect immunofluorescence assays, radioimmunoprecipitation [RIPA], and western blot). HIV antibodies were detectable by all the assays within 2 months after onset of illness. RIPA and western(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of the paper is to present the possibility of treatment of periorbital capillary hemangiomas in infancy. MATERIALS AND METHODS Doppler colour ultrasonography was used as a method of diagnosis and monitoring of the treatment. The material comprised 11 patients aged from 1 month to 3 years. In 6 cases local corticosteroid injections were(More)
31 persons without any changes in visual system and 16 patients with vascular lesions were examined using Doppler colour ultrasonography. This method allowed to identify and evaluate the blood flow in central retinal artery, ophthalmic artery and in ciliary arteries. The authors described a typical picture of normal eyeball and orbita as well as the blood(More)
PURPOSE To analyse the etiologic factors of the congenital cataract. METHODS The authors analyzed 49 cases of congenital cataract in patients hospitalized at Polish Mother's Memorial Hospital in Lódź. The diagnostic procedures were based on own multiprofile algorithm which included natural history, complete ophthalmologic examination, metabolic,(More)
The author presents the up-to-date opinions on the problem of "normal" intraocular pressure connecting it with another hydro- and haemodynamic parameters of the eye. Subsequently he discusses the contradictory opinions whether one has to distinguish two clinical conditions: intraocular hypertension and the initial period of open angle glaucoma. According to(More)
The ophthalmological examinations of petrochemical plant workers that have been carried out so far did not enable working out a simple method of rapid ophthalmological evaluation of subclinical aromatic hydrocarbons poisonings. Neither the results of our own studies nor the experience of other authors explained fully the pathogenesis of the described spot(More)