Julia Coletta

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Magnetic field strength measurements were made around eight hand-held and 10 walk-through metal detectors. The method was similar to that used in previous research for Electronic Article Surveillance units except a Cartesian rather than cylindrical coordinate system was used. Special magnetic field probes specifically designed for metal detector(More)
Electronic article surveillance (EAS) is used in many applications throughout the world to prevent theft. EAS systems produce electromagnetic (EM) energy around exits to create an EM interrogation zone through which protected items must pass before leaving the establishment. Specially designed EAS tags are attached to these items and must either be(More)
An energy-efficient lighting retrofit at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Winchester Engineering and Analytical Center (WEAC) presented the opportunity to measure the electromagnetic (EM) environments in several rooms before and after changing the fluorescent lighting systems and to compare the changes in EM fields with the proposed standard EM(More)
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