Julia Buldo-Licciardi

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The effect of age on telomere length heterogeneity in men has not been studied previously. Our aims were to determine the relationship between variation in sperm telomere length (STL), men’s age, and semen parameters in spermatozoa from men undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment. To perform this prospective cross-sectional pilot study, telomere(More)
To determine if Aneuploidy Risk Classification Models are predictive of euploidy/aneuploidy amongst IVF facilities. We retrospectively applied key time lapse imaging events of embryos (Campbell et al.[5, 6]) to stratify embryos into 3 groups: low, medium and high risk of aneuploidy. The actual ploidy results (from array comparative genomic hybridization)(More)
RATIONALE Development of cervical squamous carcinoma (CXCA) is accompanied by changes in estrogen receptors (ERs, ERα and ERβ) and ezrin expression; however, reports have been conflicting. Using histologically documented staging of cervical biopsies, we determined ezrin and ER relationships during CXCA development. METHODS Immunoreactive (ir) ezrin,(More)
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