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Mechanisms underlying central neuropathic pain are poorly understood. Although glial dysfunction has been functionally linked with neuropathic pain, very little is known about modulation of pain by oligodendrocytes. Here we report that genetic ablation of oligodendrocytes rapidly triggers a pattern of sensory changes that closely resemble central(More)
Microglia are brain macrophages that emerge from early erythro-myeloid precursors in the embryonic yolk sac and migrate to the brain mesenchyme before the blood brain barrier is formed. They seed the brain, and proliferate until they have formed a grid-like distribution in the central nervous system that is maintained throughout lifespan. The mechanisms(More)
The contribution of microglia to ischemic cortical stroke is of particular therapeutic interest because of the impact on the survival of brain tissue in the ischemic penumbra, a region that is potentially salvable upon a brain infarct. Whether or not tissue in the penumbra survives critically depends on blood flow and vessel perfusion. To study the role of(More)
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