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A functional differential equation which is nonlinear and involves forward and backward deviating arguments is solved numerically. The equation models conduction in a myelinated nerve axon in which the myelin completely insulates the membrane, so that the potential change jumps from node to node. The equation is of first order with boundary values given at(More)
Two related reaction diffusion systems that support traveling wave solutions when parameters are constant are studied when there are jump discontinuities in the diffusion coefficient. The first system represents a classical axon model where the fiber had a jump in diameter at discrete locations and the membrane dynamics represent those of barnacle muscle(More)
The persistent sodium current density (I(NaP)) at the soma measured with the 'whole-cell' patch-clamp recording method is linearized about the resting state and used as a current source along the dendritic cable (depicting the spatial distribution of voltage-dependent persistent sodium ionic channels). This procedure allows time-dependent analytical(More)
The icy moon of Europa is a hot topic in planetary exploration. This paper discusses the trajectory design of a Europa orbiter mission intended to find out if Europa is a possible habitat for extraterrestrial life. Getting into orbit at Europa is difficult; the simplest trajectory design (a direct Hohmann-type transfer to Jupiter followed by an immediate(More)
We extend on the work developed by R.R. Poznanski and J. Bell from a linearized somatic persistent sodium current source to a non-linear representation of the dendritic Na(+)P current source associated with a small number of persistent sodium channels. The main objective is to investigate the modulation in the amplification of excitatory postsynaptic(More)
Mechanoreceptors are physiological units that convert mechanical stimuli to neural responses. An important one in the skin is the Pacinian corpuscle, which consists of a nerve ending surrounded by a capsule that is made up of alternating layers of fluid and elastic shells. In this paper a capsule model is coupled to a model for the dendrite via a variable(More)