Julia Baruch

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The frequency of frontal paralysis due to surgical trauma of the temporo-frontal nerve seems to be increasing due to the growing number of operations in the temporo-frontal area and the complexity of surgical techniques. A series of 20 anatomical dissections demonstrates the course of the temporo-frontal nerve. Frontal myomectomy of the healthy side to(More)
Adjuvant psychological therapy (APT) is a newly developed cognitive behavioural treatment which has been designed specifically to improve the quality of life of cancer patients by alleviating emotional distress and inducing a fighting spirit. We report a phase I/II study which evaluates APT in routine clinical practice. A consecutive series of 44(More)
The aim of the present study is to determine whether narcissistic vulnerability can aid in clarifying the debate regarding the relationship between childhood sexual abuse (CSA) and adulthood adjustment to traumatic events. 157 survivors (mean age = 31.1, SD = 10.9) of a traumatic event (war activities and road and work accidents) were assessed 1 week, 1,(More)
A series of 51 nasal reconstructions using diverse forehead flaps is reviewed: the authors report their experience as well as the choices they made among various reconstructive procedures. 6 forehead flaps were selected in anticipation of solving most of the cases. The technical procedures devoted to the reconstruction of the inner plane and(More)
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