Julia B Sobol

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BACKGROUND Understanding intensive care unit (ICU) triage decisions for high-risk surgical patients may ultimately facilitate resource allocation and improve outcomes. The surgical Apgar score (SAS) is a simple score that uses intraoperative information on hemodynamics and blood loss to predict postoperative morbidity and mortality, with lower scores(More)
BACKGROUND Significant intraprocedural adverse events (AE) are reported in children who receive anesthesia for procedures outside the Operating Rooms (NORA). No study, so far, has characterized AE in children who receive anesthesia in the operating rooms (ORA) and NORA when anesthesia care is provided by the same team in a consistent manner. OBJECTIVE/AIM(More)
BACKGROUND Devices that monitor the depth of anesthesia are increasingly used to titrate sedation and avoid awareness during anesthesia. Many of these monitors are based upon electroencephalography (EEG) collected from large adult reference populations and not pediatric populations (Anesthesiology, 86, 1997, 836; Journal of Anaesthesia, 92, 2004, 393;(More)
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