Julia B. Edwards

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Cloning full length cDNAs is a difficult task especially if mRNAs are not abundant or if tissue is only available in limited amounts. Current strategies are based on in vitro amplification of cDNAs after adding a homopolymeric tail at the 3' end of the ss-cDNA. Since subsequent amplification steps yield unspecific amplified DNA mostly due to non-specific(More)
Recent research has updated a 1998 study of the effects of traffic congestion on logistical efficiency in the UK. It has focused on the contribution of congestion to unreliability across nine sectors. The relationship between traffic flow and transit time variability has been modeled using data from the Highways Agency and speed-flow ratios. An analysis of(More)
Choline acetyltransferase, the enzyme responsible for the synthesis of acetylcholine, provides a convenient index for cholinergic neurons. Using a previously identified rat cDNA clone, we have isolated several corresponding genomic clones and have characterized a 1,902-bp fragment that contains part of the first noncoding exon as well as promoter sequences.(More)
Introduction There has been phenomenal expansion of online shopping in recent years, with growth rates exceeding 35% year-on-year (IMRG, 2008). Retail sales for this channel now account for £18.5bn in the UK (Mintel, 2008). IMRG (2008) estimates that 820 million parcels were delivered to UK online shoppers in 2008. This delivery experience is critical to(More)
Purpose: Double-deck trailers could be a key contributor towards the UK's commitment to reducing CO2 emissions towards 2020. A double-deck trailer greatly increases carrying capacity with current vehicle size and weight limits. Double-deck trailers are particularly well suited to retail distribution. This paper introduces a model that calculates the(More)
Introduction The last link in the supply chain (from retailer / supplier to consumer), the so called " last mile " , is not only the most visible, but can also be the most energy intensive part of the supply chain. Several authors (Browne et al. 2008; Weber et al. 2008; Jespersen, 2004) note that in the case of conventional shopping, personal shopping trips(More)
Paramedian forehead flaps are sometimes required to resurface large or deep nasal defects. The flap often needs to be thinned to match the contour of the surrounding skin at the recipient site. We describe a technique to thin the distal potion of the paramedian forehead flap using a flexible razor blade, the Dermablade. Once familiar with it, this same(More)
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