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Recent research has updated a 1998 study of the effects of traffic congestion on logistical efficiency in the UK. It has focused on the contribution of congestion to unreliability across nine sectors. The relationship between traffic flow and transit time variability has been modeled using data from the Highways Agency and speed-flow ratios. An analysis of(More)
Introduction There has been phenomenal expansion of online shopping in recent years, with growth rates exceeding 35% year-on-year (IMRG, 2008). Retail sales for this channel now account for £18.5bn in the UK (Mintel, 2008). IMRG (2008) estimates that 820 million parcels were delivered to UK online shoppers in 2008. This delivery experience is critical to(More)
Introduction The last link in the supply chain (from retailer / supplier to consumer), the so called " last mile " , is not only the most visible, but can also be the most energy intensive part of the supply chain. Several authors (Browne et al. 2008; Weber et al. 2008; Jespersen, 2004) note that in the case of conventional shopping, personal shopping trips(More)
This paper presents the results of research aiming to forecast the course of business-as-usual (BAU) trends in logistics and related environmental impacts within the UK. A series of seven focus group discussions with supply chain experts has resulted in the identification of the key logistics trends likely to affect the supply chains in the future. A(More)
The motivation for our project is to provide choreographers with a new software and hardware tool for composing and recording multi-dancer choreographies from a single dancer. We use a Microsoft Kinect camera/sensor to record 3D point-cloud sequences of a dancer in motion. In a 3D point-cloud, or sequence, a grid of 640x480 infrared dots are projected by(More)
Paramedian forehead flaps are sometimes required to resurface large or deep nasal defects. The flap often needs to be thinned to match the contour of the surrounding skin at the recipient site. We describe a technique to thin the distal potion of the paramedian forehead flap using a flexible razor blade, the Dermablade. Once familiar with it, this same(More)
REPORT It has been a hotly debated subject – but at last the verdict is in. Rather than finding that online shopping is detrimental to the environment, when considering the last mile stage only, successful home delivery compares favourably with conventional shopping. Professor Alan McKinnon and Dr Julia Edwards reveal their findings. The internet offers(More)
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