Julia Ann Fleming

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OBJECTIVE To date, the literature has provided no standardized, replicable method for establishing illness onset. The authors describe a method for dating the first appearance of prodromal signs of psychotic illness, the emergence of an acute episode, and the initiation of treatment seeking. METHOD Using reports by family and friends about a sample of 141(More)
We wished to determine the specificity of smooth-pursuit eye tracking dysfunction to schizophrenia and the prevalences of dysfunction among functionally psychotic and normal individuals. Therefore, we investigated pursuit tracking in a large sample of psychotic patients, normal subjects, and first-degree relatives (N = 482). Patients were recruited as part(More)
To determine whether abnormalities in brain morphology are present at the onset of illness, patients with schizophrenia, schizophreniform and bipolar disorders, and major depression who were experiencing their first episodes of psychosis were compared with normal and medical control subjects. The schizophrenic patients had larger third ventricles but not(More)
Four measures of mental health--Panic, Depression, Somatization and Well-Being--have been developed for use in a population of Southeast Asian refugees. The scales, a product of work with 1348 refugees, demonstrate conceptual significance, good reliability, concurrent validity and stability of structure across samples. They are culturally sensitive,(More)
Schizophreniform disorder, a potentially useful construct, is difficult to operationalize either for clinical or research purposes. According to DSM-III-R, schizophreniform disorder is descriptively identical to schizophrenia, differing only in duration of symptoms. This study suggests several features that, at initial examination, differentiate(More)
The Markers and Predictors of Psychosis study at the University of British Columbia addresses the role of psychosocial factors, such as social relationships, in predicting the short-term course of first-episode schizophrenia. Before their first episode of illness, schizophrenic subjects had fewer and less satisfactory social relationships than subjects with(More)
A measurement of the electroproduction of photons off protons in the deeply inelastic regime was performed at Jefferson Lab using a nearly 6 GeV electron beam, a longitudinally polarized proton target, and the CEBAF Large Acceptance Spectrometer. Target-spin asymmetries for ep→e^{'}p^{'}γ events, which arise from the interference of the deeply virtual(More)
We have measured cross sections for the γ(3)He → pd reaction at photon energies of 0.4-1.4 GeV and a center-of-mass angle of 90°. We observe dimensional scaling above 0.7 GeV at this center-of-mass angle. This is the first observation of dimensional scaling in the photodisintegration of a nucleus heavier than the deuteron.
To evaluate whether antianxiety drugs enable guilty subjects to appear innocent on polygraph tests, we compared the effects of diazepam, meprobamate, and propranolol on the outcome of a guilty knowledge test (GKT). Seventy-five undergraduate students were evenly divided among one innocent and four guilty groups. Subjects in each of the guilty groups(More)