Julia Andrusenko

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Modeling and simulation (M&S) tools can be quite powerful in gaining insight into the behavior of a complex system. Generally, a network system can be represented by a model implemented in hardware, software, or a combination of both. A simulation represents the execution of that model, consisting of a typical set of inputs, algorithms, and routines that(More)
This paper investigates the issue of antenna pointing error in mobile directional antenna applications and its impact on bit error rate (BER) performance of the link. BER performance is investigated for a variety of postulated antenna characteristics in order to determine the sensitivity of BER performance to antenna pointing inaccuracies. The method(More)
The rapid evolution of commercial wireless communications technology has resulted in capabilities that far surpass their military counterparts in many ways. Thus, the military community is increasingly interested in leveraging commercial technologies and techniques to address its communications needs. In fact, one need look only at today’s trends in the(More)
n the DoD vision of the Global Information Grid (GIG), the warfi ghter becomes an edge node in a seamless internetwork comprising the entire warfi ghting enterprise. The communications challenges posed by the GIG vision of network-centric warfare are diverse and far-ranging. APL is committed to helping solve these challenges through its focused research and(More)
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