Julia Alter

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Antisense oligonucleotide-mediated alternative splicing has great potential for treatment of Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) caused by mutations within nonessential regions of the dystrophin gene. We have recently shown in the dystrophic mdx mouse that exon 23, bearing a nonsense mutation, can be skipped after intramuscular injection of a specific(More)
The effect of expressing human huntingtin fragments containing polyglutamine (polyQ) tracts of varying lengths was assessed in Caenorhabditis elegans ASH sensory neurons in young and old animals. Expression of a huntingtin fragment containing a polyQ tract of 150 residues (Htn-Q150) led to progressive ASH neurodegeneration but did not cause cell death.(More)
A precise, accurate and well documented method for the sizing and counting of microbubbles is essential for all aspects of quantitative microbubble-enhanced ultrasound imaging. The efficacy of (a) electro-impedance volumetric zone sensing (ES) also called a Coulter counter/multisizer; (b) optical microscopy (OM); and (c) laser diffraction (LD), for the(More)
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