Julia A. Busch

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H9N2 avian influenza A viruses are endemic in poultry of many Eurasian countries and have caused repeated human infections in Asia since 1998. To evaluate the potential threat of H9N2 viruses to humans, we investigated the replication and transmission efficiency of H9N2 viruses in the ferret model. Five wild-type (WT) H9N2 viruses, isolated from different(More)
Three-dimensional phase-contrast velocity vector field mapping shows great potential for clinical applications; however measurement inaccuracies may limit the utility and robustness of the technique. While parts of the error in the measured velocity fields can be minimized by background phase estimation in static tissue and magnetic field monitoring,(More)
BACKGROUND The accuracy of phase-contrast cardiovascular magnetic resonance (PC-CMR) can be compromised by background phase errors. It is the objective of the present work to provide an analysis of the temperature dependence of background phase errors in PC-CMR by means of gradient mount temperature sensing and magnetic field monitoring. METHODS(More)
Ocean Sampling Day was initiated by the EU-funded Micro B3 (Marine Microbial Biodiversity, Bioinformatics, Biotechnology) project to obtain a snapshot of the marine microbial biodiversity and function of the world's oceans. It is a simultaneous global mega-sequencing campaign aiming to generate the largest standardized microbial data set in a single day.(More)
PURPOSE Fast dynamic imaging of hyperpolarized (13) C-labeled pyruvate and its downstream metabolites shows great potential for probing metabolic changes in the heart. Sequences that allow for fast encoding of the spectral and spatial information of the myocardial metabolism and optimal signal excitation are usually limited by gradient performance,(More)
Introduction: Despite its value in the research setting, the translation of phase-contrast magnetic resonance imaging (PC-MRI) into the clinical realm is still limited. Background phase offsets have been identified as one of the key issues [1]. While concomitant and non-linear field effects can be well compensated for [2, 3], correction of phase offsets(More)
Reverse epidemiology in systolic and nonsystolic heart failure: Cumulative prognostic benefit of classical cardiovascular risk factors. the diagnosis and treatment of chronic heart failure: executive summary (update 2005): the task force for the diagnosis and treatment of chronic heart failure of the European Society of Cardiology. Findings in a 71-year-old(More)
PURPOSE Several in vivo applications of dissolution dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP) require rapid successive injections of hyperpolarized substrates. Here we present the design and performance of a custom-built multisample dissolution DNP setup for small animal research. METHODS The DNP setup consists of a commercial wide-bore magnet charged to 3.35 T,(More)
PURPOSE To improve velocity vector field reconstruction from undersampled four-dimensional (4D) flow MRI by penalizing divergence of the measured flow field. THEORY AND METHODS Iterative image reconstruction in which magnitude and phase are regularized separately in alternating iterations was implemented. The approach allows incorporating prior knowledge(More)