Juli'an Velasco

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Exposure of cows to a short-day photoperiod (SDPP; 8 h light:16 h dark) during a 60-d dry period increases milk yield in the subsequent lactation compared with cows exposed to a long-day photoperiod (LDPP; 16 h light:8 h dark). Whereas the traditional recommendation for dry period length is 60 d, recent studies indicate that the dry period length can be(More)
Early detection of disease can speed treatment, slow spread of disease in a herd, and improve health status of animals. Immune stimulation increases rectal temperature (RT). Injectable radio-frequency implants (RFI) can provide temperature at the site of implantation. The fidelity of peripheral site temperature, determined by RFI, relative to RT is unknown(More)
The semileptonic decay B → π lν̄l is studied starting from a simple quark model and taking into account the effect of the B resonance. A novel, multiply subtracted, Omnès dispersion relation has been implemented to extend the predictions of the quark model to all physical q2 values. We find |Vub| = 0.0034±0.0003(exp.)±0.0007(theory), in good agreement with(More)
We study the existence and uniqueness of solutions of a time-continuous version of the Neighborhood filter. In the line of previous works [12, 13, 14], we reformulate the usual pixel-based version of the filter introducing functional rearrangements, which are shown to be useful both for the filter analysis and for its fast implementation.
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