Juli Edyta Sikorska

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We present the results paragraph signof MRI examinations in ten patients with documented Nijmegen paragraph signbreakage syndrome (NBS), aged 1.75-19 years. T1-, Proton-Density- and T2-weighted spin-echo sequences were performed in three planes. All patients showed microcephaly with decreased size of the frontal lobes and narrow frontal horns. In four(More)
LightShare is a sharing mechanism for indoor illumination based on tangible feedback. It is a modification to conventional adjustable light switches with the goals of conserving energy. LightShare aims at both residential and commercial customers that look for affordable and efficient energy saving solutions. We hope to leverage technology to connect(More)
PneuForm is a new method for interacting with a physical form through dynamic replication. As fabrics are versatile and have unique properties that can be used to sense and replicate any object, they can serve as a medium for creating user interfaces. PneuForm explores the missing real-time connection between a physical and a digital model, using a flat(More)
Barbel larvae were reared for 21 days at 21.0, 24.1, 27.2 or 30.0 °C and fed ad libitum live Artemia nauplii for 16 h a day. The final survival rates exceeded 99 %. The highest mean daily growth rates, amounting to 0.97 mm total length (TL) and 17.3 % body weight (BW), were found at 27.2 °C. The optimum temperature calculated for the growth of larvae was(More)
Objectives The life expectancy of HIV positive individuals has improved dramatically with the advent of HAART. The cohort of older people living with HIV is steadily increasing in size. Both advancing age and HIV are associated with an increased likelihood of comorbidities and polypharmacy independently, but little is known about their combined impact and(More)
SUMMARY: Managers are constantly being told that the quality of data is insufficient for producing reliable results from business models. Reliability analysis is no exception. In this paper, the authors show that it is possible to retrospectively improve the quality of failure histories stored in computerised maintenance management systems (CMMS). A tool(More)
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