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BACKGROUND Concomitant quantification of multiple mutant KRAS (v-Ki-ras2 Kirsten rat sarcoma viral oncogene homolog) alleles may provide information in addition to that provided by standard mutation-detection procedures. We assessed the feasibility of a nanofluidic digital PCR array platform to detect and quantify KRAS mutations simultaneously in clinically(More)
BACKGROUND Cold ischemia time and the presence of postoperative hepatic arterial thrombosis have been associated with biliary complications (BC) after liver transplantation. An ABO-incompatible blood group has also been suggested as a factor for predisposal towards BC. However, the influence of Rh nonidentity has not been studied previously. MATERIALS(More)
UNLABELLED Organ shortage has forced transplant teams to progressively expand the acceptance of marginal donors. METHODS We performed a comparative analysis of the post-transplant evolution depending on donor age (group I: less than 70 years old (n=474) vs. group II: 70 or more years old [n=105]) over a 10 year period (2002-2011). RESULTS Donors over 70(More)
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