Julián Ramos

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This work describes a new <i>Moodle</i> module, <i>CTpractices</i>, developed to give support to the practical content of a basic computer organization course. Within a constructivist pedagocical aproach <i>Moodle</i> (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment)[1], a very popular Learning Management Systema (LMS), provides a highly configurable(More)
This work describes how the CTPracticals Moodle module can be used for e-assessment in an introductory course on computer organization, where the practical content consists of the design and simulation of a basic CPU implemented using Logisim, a schematic-based educational tool for the design and simulation of digital circuits. A previous work extended this(More)
In [6] it was shown that fibring could be used to combine institutions presented as c-parchments, and several completeness preservation results were established. However, their scope of applicability was limited to propositional-based logics. Herein, we extend these results to a broader class of logics, possibly including variables, terms and quanti-fiers.(More)
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