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Adeno-associated viral (AAV) vectors are becoming an important tool for gene therapy of numerous genetic and other disorders. Several recombinant AAV vectors (rAAV) have the ability to transduce striated muscles in a variety of animals following intramuscular and intravascular administration, and have attracted widespread interest for therapy of muscle(More)
The muscular dystrophies (MDs) represent a diverse collection of inherited human disorders, which affect to varying degrees skeletal, cardiac, and sometimes smooth muscle (Emery, 2002). To date, more than 50 different genes have been implicated as causing one or more types of MD (Bansal et al., 2003). In many cases, invaluable insights into disease(More)
This work describes a new <i>Moodle</i> module, <i>CTpractices</i>, developed to give support to the practical content of a basic computer organization course. Within a constructivist pedagocical aproach <i>Moodle</i> (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment)[1], a very popular Learning Management Systema (LMS), provides a highly configurable(More)
This work describes how the CTPracticals Moodle module can be used for e-assessment in an introductory course on computer organization, where the practical content consists of the design and simulation of a basic CPU implemented using Logisim, a schematic-based educational tool for the design and simulation of digital circuits. A previous work extended this(More)
In [6] it was shown that fibring could be used to combine institutions presented as c-parchments, and several completeness preservation results were established. However, their scope of applicability was limited to propositional-based logics. Herein, we extend these results to a broader class of logics, possibly including variables, terms and quanti-fiers.(More)
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