Julián Bravo-Castillero

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The study of the effective properties of composite materials with anisotropic constituents and different inclusion shapes has motivated the development of the Mathematica 6.0 package “CompositeMaterials”. This package can be used to calculate the effective anisotropic conductivity tensor of two-phase composites. Any fiber cross section, even percolating(More)
The question of the effective response of two-phase hybrid “fibrous-laminate” piezoelectric composites, with periodic microstructure, is adressed with two homogenization approaches: a full-field numerical scheme based on Fourier transform and a simplifying approach relying on a decoupled two-step homogenisation process. In the case of a two-phase epoxy/PZT(More)
Two-phase periodic thermo-magneto-electro-elastic composites are considered. The composite materials consisting of identical parallel cylindrical fibers periodically distributed in a matrix. Both constituents are transversely isotropic and the unit-cell has rhomboidal shape. Based on the asymptotic homogenization method, exact relations involving the(More)
The present work focuses on the integration of analytical and numerical strategies to investigate the thermal distribution of cancerous breasts. Coupled stationary bioheat transfer equations are considered for the glandular and heterogeneous tumor regions, which are characterized by different thermophysical properties. The cross-section of the cancerous(More)
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