Jules Quinlan

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This report describes a second-generation photostimulator with four primary lights that allows independent control of the stimulation of the four receptor types in the human eye. The new design uses LEDs (with light levels controlled by eight drivers that include voltage-to-frequency converters that provide 1-micros pulses at frequencies up to 250 kHz),(More)
Zeatin and zeatin riboside were identified by full-scan gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) in xylem sap of clonal apple rootstocks (M.27, M.9 and MM.106). These rootstocks exhibit a wide range of control over tree size when grafted to a common scion. The concentrations of zeatin and zeatin riboside were measured by GC-MS selected ion monitoring(More)
Concentrations of abscisic acid and indole-3-acetic acid were measured by GC-MS-SIM in the shoot bark of clonal apple rootstocks (M.27, M.9, MM.106 and MM.111) when the rootstocks were growing actively in the UK. These rootstocks are known to exhibit a wide range of control of tree size when grafted to a common scion. Shoot bark of the dwarfing rootstocks(More)
When 14C-paclobutrazol, a gibberellin synthesis inhibitor, was applied to different parts of actively-growing M.26 apple rootstock shoots it was translocated acropetally when applied to the young stem and, to a lesser extent, from the youngest unrolled leaf. Paclobutrazol was not translocated out of leaf laminae, shoot tips or from one-year-old wood but(More)
The design objective was to develop an inexpensive digital to analog (D/A) converter for use in vision science. Soundcards are hardware units that can be integral or can be added to a computer to add sound capability. A soundcard contains D/A converters designed to work in the audio frequency range, typically 20-20,000 Hz. Soundcard outputs are high-pass(More)
During the prebloom and bloom stages, no movement of labeled photosynthates occurred from a shoot of Vitis vinifera L. fed with (14)CO(2), to an adjacent shoot on the same spur. Movement of labeled assimilates into the unfed shoot was induced when this shoot was sprayed with 2.89 x 10(-3)m gibberellic acid during the prebloom stage. During the bloom stage(More)
Fruit development consists of several key physiological processes from fruit bud formation through flower development and evocation to pollination leading to fertilization of the ovule, seed development and fruit expansion and eventual maturity. Flowering, fruit set and retention, are markedly influenced both by environmental factors and internal(More)
Leaves of Vitis vinifera L., nearly fully expanded, imported only trace amounts of (14)C following assimilation of (14)CO(2) by a lower leaf on the same shoot, but benzyladenine (BA) application at 4.4 x 10(-3)m caused a marked increase in the movement of (14)C into these leaves. Older leaves near the shoot base were less responsive; BA treatment alone had(More)
The synthetic growth regulator NC 9634, [(3-phenyl-1,2,4-thiadiazol-5-yl)thio] acetic acid (NC 9634) was shown to have anti-auxin properties in bioassay tests. The inhibition of wheat coleoptile extension growth by concentrations of NC9634 up to 260 μM was completely overcome by 60 μM IAA, 50 μM NAA or 50 μM 2,4-D. In cress root tests 2.6 × 10−7 M NC 9634(More)
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