Jules L. Baum

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Although intravitreal injection of antibiotics is being used more widely in treatment of bacterial endophthalmitis, the pharmacokinetic principles that underlie such therapy have been derived exclusively from experiments in the rabbit. Therefore, we studied several representative antibiotics in normal eyes of rhesus monkeys. Carbenicillin (1,000(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of the study is to evaluate the efficacy and risks of topical mitomycin C (MMC) for conjunctival-corneal intraepithelial neoplasia (CCIN). DESIGN The study design was a clinical case series of CCIN. PARTICIPANTS Seventeen patients, 16 with biopsy-confirmed CCIN and 1 with invasive squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), were included in the(More)
Human corneal endothelial cells have been grown in mass culture for the first time to our knowledge. Cultures from donors who were under 20 years of age grew well. Cells from older donors were difficult to grow or did not grow at all. Initial outgrowth usually began one week after explantation. After an initial lag phase, mass increased by 15% weekly, and(More)
Three members of a family present definite features of the oculodentodigital (ODD) dysplasia and one presents only a few features. The mother shows no clinical evidence of the syndrome but does have an isolated cleft of the palate. The syndrome is compatible with Mendelian autosomal dominant inheritance with father-to-son transmission. The variable(More)
Corneal iontophoresis produces high concentrations of drugs in the anterior segment but not in the vitreous humor of the phakic eye, presumably because transport is impeded by the lens-iris barrier. We have used two modifications to produce high levels of commonly used antibiotics in the vitreous humor of the phakic rabbit eye: the device is placed over the(More)
Experiments in rabbits have shown that the novel technique of transscleral iontophoresis is a safe, effective, noninvasive way to produce high concentrations of antibiotics in the vitreous humor. The authors have now studied the effects of repeated transscleral iontophoresis in the eyes of cynomolgus monkeys. Six treatments with gentamicin sulfate, 1.5 mA(More)
Two patients with long-standing discoid lupus erythematosus developed acute, unilateral, corneal stromal infiltration and edema. No evidence of infection was found, and both responded rapidly to topical corticosteroid therapy. To our knowledge, only one case of stromal keratitis associated with discoid lupus erythematosus has been published previously. We(More)