Jules J. Berman

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As a result of major recent advances in understanding the biology of gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GISTs), specifically recognition of the central role of activating KIT mutations and associated KIT protein expression in these lesions, and the development of novel and effective therapy for GISTs using the receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitor STI-571, these(More)
BACKGROUND Tissue Microarrays (TMAs) allow researchers to examine hundreds of small tissue samples on a single glass slide. The information held in a single TMA slide may easily involve Gigabytes of data. To benefit from TMA technology, the scientific community needs an open source TMA data exchange specification that will convey all of the data in a TMA(More)
CONTEXT In the normal course of activity, pathologists create and archive immense data sets of scientifically valuable information. Researchers need pathology-based data sets, annotated with clinical information and linked to archived tissues, to discover and validate new diagnostic tests and therapies. Pathology records can be used for research purposes(More)
The hematopathology subcommittee of the Mouse Models of Human Cancers Consortium recognized the need for a classification of murine hematopoietic neoplasms that would allow investigators to diagnose lesions as well-defined entities according to accepted criteria. Pathologists and investigators worked cooperatively to develop proposals for the classification(More)
The National Cancer Institute sponsored a Borderline Ovarian Tumor Workshop held in August 2003 in Bethesda, MD. This report was developed from discussions at the Workshop. The participants acknowledged several areas of disagreement on basic terminology issues and agreed that a glossary with example images would help clarify many commonly misunderstood(More)
BACKGROUND Precancers are lesions that precede the appearance of invasive cancers. The successful prevention or treatment of precancers has the potential to eliminate deaths due to cancer. METHODS A National Cancer Institute-sponsored Conference on Precancer was convened on November 8-9, 2004, at The George Washington University Medical Center,(More)
This article summarizes key issues for future research on borderline ovarian tumors that emerged at a National Cancer Institute-sponsored Borderline Ovarian Tumor Workshop held in August 2003 in Bethesda, MD. Limitations in existing research and opportunities for future advances have been highlighted. The application of new molecular techniques in(More)
Epithelial and fibroblast cells from adult rat liver were found to differ markedly in their sensitivities to the toxic effects of the purine analog, 8-azaguanine. Epithelial cells were rapidly killed by 8-azaguanine, whereas fibroblast cells suffered no observable toxicity. The resistance of fibroblast cells was not due to impermeability since it was shown(More)
We have developed a pipeline-based system for automated annotation of Surgical Pathology Reports with UMLS terms that builds on GATE--an open-source architecture for language engineering. The system includes a module for detecting and annotating negated concepts, which implements the NegEx algorithm--an algorithm originally described for use in discharge(More)