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The rapid development of social network theory provides a new perspective for the research on counter-terrorism, but current research mostly relates to terrorists and terrorist organizations. Firstly, the "six-element" analysis method for terrorist activities based on social network is proposed in this paper, namely, a variety of sub-networks are(More)
Traditional game theory for modeling strategies of attacker and defender are static or discrete, such models do not adequately address real world situation in which the attackers' investments or strategies are dynamic, so do the defenders'. By contrast, risk analysis generally neglects the fact that terrorists are intelligent and adaptive, and can observe(More)
With the explosion development of multimedia information on the Internet and online sharing community, social network and Community multimedia data have received plenty of attention. In order to analyze and mining the structure and characteristics of online network communities with their large number of multimedia data automatically, we look into community(More)
This paper aims at discovering latent cyber organizations in rich social media, through analysis sentiment dimension of individual's social attribute. From a sociology perspective, people who have the same point of views will have great probabilities and opportunities to aggression together. Monitoring these latent cyber organizations can help us(More)
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