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A 2-year-old boy had acute fever, malaise, and somnolence with hepatomegaly, increased blood ammonia content (338 microM), high SGOT, low blood glucose content, and mild acidosis. A liver biopsy showed diffuse accumulation of lipid droplets in swollen hepatocytes, and abnormal urinary metabolites included beta-hydroxy-beta-methyl glutarate (HMG),(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the effect of hypertensive disease of pregnancy (HDP) on the development of respiratory distress syndrome (RDS) in preterm neonates. DESIGN A retrospective cohort study. SETTING All neonatal intensive care units in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory. PATIENTS A total of 18,845 preterm neonates aged between 24 and(More)
The repercussions of drug abuse are particularly emphasized when a pregnant woman is affected. Gestational drugexposure is associated with significantly increased risks of poor maternal health, adverse perinatal outcomes, and unfavourable psychosocial consequences. Children affected by maternal drug use are at particular risk form their parent's drug(More)
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